1. abled people: Mental illness should be taken seriously! Depression kills! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't real!
  2. able people: What do you mean there are schizophrenics on the street. Shouldn't we be locking them up. Like it's funny and all but really someone could get hurt. :(
spookstermin8r said: holy wow that was an incredible read

I feel like the principle of it is pretty gross. It inserts a white guy in a story with a WOC protagonist and completely shifts control into his hands by making him initiate the plot of both games.


I liked it when I first read it, mostly because there was a character with an SPMI that almost wasn’t alienated, infantized, or glorified. And because I was pumped full of revived nostalgia at the return of Portal. In both cases I’ve been pretty let down by both canon and the fandom and that’s pretty disappointing.

I honestly don’t think that it’s all that great of an installment, but backstory, yay!

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50 species of lizard and one species of snake reproduce through parthenogenesis (that’s the fancy word for producing offspring as a female without having sex).


Whiptails are stimulation ovulators. That is to say, they can’t ovulate without having sex.

So not only do they are give birth through immaculate conception, they’re ALL LESBIANS.

There are two kinds of parthenogenesis seen in reptiles. That used by whiptails and the other all female species is true cloning - the egg contains the female’s full genetic material).

Other species including komodo dragons use another form of parthenogenesis where they actually fertilize themselves, with a haploid polar body used instead of a sperm. Because of the way reptile sex chromosomes work, this form of parthenogenesis can produce males as well as females - however, the females produced have weird sex chromosomes and can only lay other females. It’s used as a backup reproductive strategy if they can’t find a mate. This works because in reptiles, unlike mammals, its the males that have two sex chromosomes the same (ZZ) and the females different (ZW). Females produced by parthenogenesis are WW - and that’s what happened to the whiptails. They lost the Z chromosome and now are all WWs.


Reptiles are fascinating.


So that means that bit I talked about on skype about lesbian dragons being able to reproduce in LotS has a basis!


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How old is Doug Rattmann?

Short answer: Probably older than you think. There’s a TL;DR at the end if you’re willing to scroll through for a number.

Long answer: Under the cut, with a bunch of other shit you probably don’t care about, including a general timeline and Chell’s age.

The earliest canon presence of Rattmann in Aperture is in 1987, when he maintained the Aperture Image Format, which was created two years prior. Assuming that he was, at the very least, a paper-stapling intern at the ripe age of 22-ish, he would have been born around 1965. He also had access to the bulletin board system, which would have been in use during this time and in the decades preceding and following it. For some perspective, this also would have been five years after the installment of Pump Station Gamma, meaning that it would have been around the time that Cave Johnson died.

The Red Phone Plan was implemented in 1996, presumably in response to an unnamed incident that had occurred during Aperture’s annual Bring Your Daughter to Work day earlier that year. At this time, Rattmann is at least thirty, while Chell (attending BYDTWD) is probably between the ages of seven and ten. It can be assumed that this coincides with the time period of the flashbacks in Lab Rat, given that the morality core would have been installed sometime after this.


Let’s argue over which white dude her dad is like old times.

The events of Half-Life take place between the years of 2000 and 2009, the most specific dates available being March 16, 2003 and a retcon of said date, two months later on May 16, 2003. Aperture’s incident occurs within the same month as that of Black Mesa, explaining why there was no rescue for the missing employees. The release dates of the Portal ARG, May 1-3, may coincide with this date. At this time, Rattmann is nearing if he has not yet reached forty.

Portal takes place seven years later, in 2010, which would place Rattmann in his late forties and Chell her early twenties.


She’s rough for twenty-three.

But it should be considered that in both cases, they could have been far older. Chell’s age was estimated by the quality of the writing on her BYDTWD project. She could easily have been as old as an adolescent, especially if she was disabled. Meanwhile Rattmann’s age is the practical minimum. I would personally consider him to have been well in his thirties throughout the flashbacks of Lab Rat.

TL;DR: Rattmann was most likely born sometime in the early sixties (~1965), placing him in his twenties when he maintained the Aperture Image Format (~1987), his thirties during the Lab Rat flashbacks that featured Henry (~1996), somewhere around forty at the time of the incident (~2003) and in the better half of his forties during the events of Portal (~2010).

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replaying your favorite video game



OTHER THINGS I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT: the whole “glados deleting caroline” thing. im calling fake and gay on this one


1. glados makes it a point to delete caroline ONLY once chell is awake. given the comment “oh, thank god, youre alright” said in relief once chells awake implies shes been waiting for a bit for chell to gain consciousness

but shes been in her body long enough to know where caroline is in her coding, and her rogue ai part would have been canny enough to know to delete it wayyy earlier on/ at the earliest moment

her ‘deleting’ it once chells awake is.. probs for show

2. she sends chell away with a fucking opera of turrets singing in italian and calling chell “my dear” “beautiful dear, my darling beauty” and “my beloved”

when this whole sequence started it comes off as that shes sent you in a chamber to be killed by turrets (WHICH SHE COULD HAVE EASILY DONE, BY LULLING CHELL INTO A SENSE OF SECURITY SO SHES LESS LIKELY TO TRY TO ESCAPE AND THEM BAM BULLETS) but … She doesnt… and she still doesnt back out of these plans once she ‘deletes caroline’ 

3. end song “want you gone” has lyrics with glados implying she feels bad about incidents related to chell?!?! when she shouldnt be feeling sympathy or worry at all after ‘deleting caroline’?!? 

goodbye my only friend/ oh, did you think I meant you?/ that would be funny/ if it weren’t so sad

still feels weird anger at chell mixed with regret about their ‘friendship’

i don’t need anyone now/ when I delete you maybe/ REDACTED (I’ll stop feeling so bad)

is embarrassed to mention she feels bad at all+ shes already ‘deleted caroline’ so saying shes gonna do it future tense erases that+ the song is also mostly likely not written until after chell departs, as ‘still alive’ takes place AFTER chell ‘kills’ glados, chronologically the last event of game


  • glados has attempted to delete caroline and has been successful to some degree but there are parts of caroline left that she cannot access/discern location of 
  • glados HAS fully deleted caroline but has developed a sort of conscience of her own accord during the time as a potato 
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I love it how all of the scientists in Half-Life just happen to be carrying naked syringes of morphine in their pockets.

"Hey, Gordon, try some of this. It’ll knock your socks off."

"You bastards are physicists, why the fuck do you have morphine?”


I love it how all of the scientists in Half-Life just happen to be carrying naked syringes of morphine in their pockets.

"Hey, Gordon, try some of this. It’ll knock your socks off."